Come and visit us for a walk into history!

Until we have negotiated arrangements for permanent space, we will remain a virtual Museum, electronically displaying photos of sites and artifacts that are part of our Mathews heritage. We will provide as much data on the artifacts as is appropriate and acceptable to the owners and we will refresh the website as frequently as possible.

We will continue to pursue grants to fund the electronic devices that will showcase our County’s oral  histories  developed by the Mathews County Historical Society. n a graveling basis, these electronic presentations will be used to educate students, researchers, civic groups and visitors.

And on a periodic basis, at the invitation of the Historical Society, we will display items at Thomas James Store, a Mathews County treasure built in the mid-1800s.

What will you find here?

  • As we grow our new county museum, we will be searching for and discovering our own history. In addition to displaying history, we will be finding history that has not previously been known.
  • Prehistoric displays: Significant prehistoric artifacts from local area sites will be on loan to the museum.
  • Archaeological surveys of significant historical sites, including timelines: These would include North End Plantation, which was the home of John Page, a significant individual in Virginia history and a 1650 tobacco farm, which shows us how the early settlers of Mathews actually worked and lived.
  • Oral histories: The Mathews County Historical Society, in conjunction with the University of Florida, has interviewed a significant number of residents as well as merchant mariners from World War II, to capture the memories of time gone by. The Museum will build upon that work and make available audiovisual presentations for museum visitors.
  • Inhabitants of Mathews County: Through visual displays, the Museum will provide a timeline of who lived here when, where they are located, and what they did, dating back to the first settlers.
  • Historical highlights: The museum will reveal Mathews County's significant contributions to the fishing and seafaring industries, as well as its experiences in the Revolutionary War, pre and post Civil War and World War II.