Residents from Mathews and neighboring counties came to share their prehistoric Indian artifacts with experts at a February 14 lecture/learning session co-sponsored by the Mathews County Historical Society and the Mathews County Historical Museum.

Guest speaker Bert Wendell, Jr., a photojournalist and advocational archaeologist from the Nansemond Chapter of the Archaeological Society of Virginia (ASV), spoke to the group and later assisted in identifying items that people had brought in for evaluation. Wendell describes himself as “having a keen interest in all things made of stone by early man or prehistoric and historic Indians.”

Wendell enlisted in the Navy in 1962 and trained in photography, photojournalism and photographic administration. He completed his B.A. in Journalism at Norfolk State University in 1983 and after 33 years of service, retired in 1994 with the rank of Commander.  Since retirement, he continues his quest to learn more about archaeology, the making of stone points and tools and the culture of this nation’s original people, the American Indians.

Wendell is former president of the Nanesmond Chapter of  ASV, and is a member of the Piedmont Archaeological Society of Virginia and the Carolinas, Central States Archaeological Society, Genuine Indian Relic Society and the Authentic Artifact Collectors Association.

He was also selected as "ASV's 2015 Advocational Archaeologist of the Year".

These are Wendell’s photographs, all of which were found in Mathews County.