Our Museum's Mission

  • The Mathews County Historical Museum was officially established in 2014 by the Mathews County Historical Society.
  • The Mathews County Historical Museum, through its founding organization, recognizes its stewardship to explore and reveal the county's past, and to keep its history alive and vibrant for future generations.
  • The new Museum will: 
  • Acquire by purchase or gift or otherwise, objects, documents and records related to the history of Mathews County and to preserve those materials pursuant to the Museum's acquisition policies;
  • promote the discussion, documentation, exhibition and publication of these materials;
  • educate and inform citizens regarding the importance of our county's history relative to the development of our own county, state and our nation.
  • The Mathews County Historical Museum is intended to inspire discovery and caring about Mathews County's cultural and natural resources and heritage, through its exhibits and public programs.