Coming soon to our community...

Coming soon to our community...
Mathews County welcomes the addition of the Mathews County Historical Museum (MCHM), the newest partner in our rich network of historical sites that currently invite visitors, residents, students, researchers and history buffs to our community. The county's cultural history is a story to be uncovered from its early beginnings to today through the establishment of the Mathews County Historical Museum.

Why a new Museum?

  • Currently, no single entity in the county provides a comprehensive view of our history, telling the stories of land, life, people and art of the county. The museum will provide a panorama of Mathews County's history from prehistoric times to the present day. The Museum's anticipated collections, community activities and programs will give our visitors a macro-view of our past to the present. The MCHM will serve as an added attraction to the current offerings in our county in enticing visitors to our shores.
  • The new Museum will feature Mathews history through interactive displays, stationary exhibits and documents and will be a welcome addition to the existing offerings now available in other area museums.
  • Visitors will be able to view cherished Mathews County items and memorabilia as they interact with state-of-the-art displays, modern exhibit design and technology. The Museum will be purposeful and distinctive and "not like anything else" in the community.
  • The new community museum will showcase only those materials made or used in the county or associated with a person, place or event in the county.
  • The Mathews Historical Museum will build on the work already set in place by our prestigious sister organization, the Mathews County Historical Society, in the areas of oral history, archaeological research, building preservation and literary publications.